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About Me

Have you ever played a game or watched a movie and found yourself forgetting about reality for a little while? In that time you're a sort of traveler, a visitor in another's painted world that reflects our own. Ever since I first experienced that feeling, that immersion, I've been obsessed. Now it is my great desire to see these created worlds flourish, either behind the banner, or leading the charge myself.


I'm Clayton Bonura, I'm a Game Designer and Worldbuilder. I graduated from Colorado State University in 2017 with a BA in English, and well, as you might've guessed I'm just about to wrap up my BS in Entertainment Design - Game Design. I have a broad range of skills that I've honed over my time at Artcenter, excelling in Unity Prototyping, Level Design, IP Development, and Team Leadership. As a Capstone Leader at Artcenter I've had the amazing opportunity to nurture my own IP Abaddon, along with an immensely talented team of individuals. In my personal works, you will find I enjoy pushing the boundaries in prototyping, while in level design I know how to make captivating commercial levels.


While acutely aware of the realities of Game Development, I believe whole heartedly in its potential as an artistic medium. It's my hope to create powerful commercial ideas that also hold artistic value, and can not only entertain, but help touch its consumers in a way that only art can.

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