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  • Arcade Survival Game

  • Game Design, Programming, Art

  • 2 Week Dev Time

This is probably my favorite one off game that I've made. All Hail the Ball is an odd arcade game where you try to survive for as long as you can. The ball is always shrinking, but colliding with good cubes will give you a burst of growth -- where as bad cubes will shrink you. I think that the overall experience was both entertaining and fresh -- which satisfies both of my goals. 

All Hail the Ball

Game Design

Major Takeaways

Even something with as limited a mechanic as this can be deceptively deep. I think that the only major shortcoming of the game is that you are not incentivized, nor is it responsive to 'flick' the ball around as I originally intended. I had to make the call whether or not to create more content and flesh out the experience, or focus on the tech of the mechanic. In this case, I'd stand by my choice as visually the game is captivating -- and most people who have seen it are very sucked in by the general vibe. 

That said it's the game I'd most like to return to to polish up.

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