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  • Hellish Frogger

  • Game Design, Programming

  • 4 Weeks Dev-Time

The first true arcade game I made in Python was titled 'Dante's Frogferno' and was a four direction frogger. Dante's Frogferno: Reloaded took it up a notch, building out the game and iterating on it in unity. This game is deceptively fun, and I've had plenty of people get hooked. Your little froggy has a variety of hips and hops at his disposal, and utilizing just the right one for the jump is key in this Frogferno.

Dante's Frogferno: Reloaded

Level Design

Major Takeaways

Looking back on it, I think Dante's Frogferno: Reloaded was so addicting for some people because the controls were tight. The game is punishing but extremely fair, everything is very programmatic and there's never an instance where it messed up and killed you. 

People like predictability on their side, but not necessarily. with one's enemies.

Oh by the way, the top score is something like 20 seconds. Pretty froggy.

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