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  • Physics Toy

  • Game Design, Programming

  • 5 Months Dev-Time

  • Made for the TwoBitCircus Foundation

This was by far the longest project I've worked on so far. It spanned across two different Internship sessions, with varying degrees of focus. This physics toy was concepted as a Where's My Water? sandbox game. 

I was given full creative control so long as it adhered to the vision and artstyle of the project we were working on -- and they even fabricated a custom cabinet based off of my original sketches. Neat!


Game Design

Major Takeaways

Polish is hard, but damn if it doesn't pay off. This game went through so many iterations to get to the point that it is in now but it wouldn't be the game it is without them. Given that this game is a toy, and more or less is the size of a wide screen TV, it was important to make sure no space was wasted. Every bit of the game is interactable and or dynamic, which makes it a fun experience for a kid -- or just a bored adult as many of employees at TwoBitCircus will attest to.

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