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  • Minimalist Gacha Game

  • Game Design, Programming, Doodles

  • 2 Weeks Dev-Time

While it isn't the most complex thing in the world, this game resonates with me for a number of reasons. It's not just that I like gacha games, but I believe it was through this game that a lot of technical concepts finally cemented in my brain. 

The Game features a zany cast of everyday household objects, with the rarer among them allowing you to acquire even more currency for pulls.

Everyday Gacha

Game Design

Major Takeaways

If you can put some extra effort in at the start of a project you can create systems that allow you to produce a lot of quality content quite easily. The efforts that I went through to create the card prefab would more or less allow me to make a new one in a bout a minute. This was a lot of fun because I reached out to many artists and teachers to each contribute some doodles of household things, and was able to include them in the game. The system that I designed in this would go on to inform just about every prototype I make in one capacity or another.

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