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  • Puzzle Game/Rhythm Game

  • Programmer & Designer

  • 3 Weeks Dev-Time

Hatashiah is an esoteric game built in a 3 week project with the single constraint of its gameplay being limited to two minutes. 

The player completes two modes of gameplay, one puzzle and prediction game that is an abstraction of old-fashioned samurai shit talking, and another dexterity Osu-like game which is of course representative of swordplay.


Game Design

Major Takeaways

Always wanting to move forward is not the best thing for a designer. Often, in the name of championing some strange design or something outside of the box -- one can lose sight of what makes a game fun. 

While personally I'm happy with how the game turned out aesthetically and as an experience, I don't think it was particularly fun. In fact, it's downright confusing to most!

It was nonetheless a great experience, which gave me insights for future designs and had me rethink my strategy for my major projects in subsequent terms.

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