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  • Soulslike Dungeon

  • Level Design

  • 4 Weeks Dev-Time

Perhaps my best built level, the Lost City of Om-Wo is a sprawling dungeon themed around Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

The level's theme is "As above, so below." and is thusly broken up into two major chunks, an upper city and lower city.

The level was built in Unreal Engine, and is fully playable.

Lost City of Om-Wo

Level Design

Major Takeaways

If you're going to commit to over scoping, you're going to have to deal with the lack of polish. This level, while still a success in my book, lacks the polish and love in some areas that would be present if I didn't have to focus so much.

Oh. And you're not going to sleep. Fun fact: I watched the entirety of the Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition in just one work session one night.

I was able to commit to it because I loved what I was doing, but boy was it sure draining.

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