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  • Physics Puzzle Game

  • Game Director, Designer, Programmer

  • 2 Weeks Dev-Time

Robo Jadu Lama was an ambitious prototype built for our Game Development and Prototyping class. Our team consisted of four people. While conceptually I believe this to be a great success, there are many factors of the prototype that weigh it down. I'm still happy where it turned out, and wouldn't mind returning to in the future -- armed with my current prototyping skill level.

The game features three physics spells used to solve puzzles, and a unique spellcasting system.

Robo Jadu Lama

Game Director

Major Takeaways

Gameplay mechanics can have an insanely good concept behind them, but will not be noticed if things as basic as movement are not tuned properly. There are great levels of nuance hidden in seemingly simple aspects of a game, and ignoring those definitely makes for unfortunate repercussions. 

In the end, hard work prevails -- but sometimes a pyrrhic victory like this one can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

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