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  • Puzzle Game

  • Game Director, Programmer, Designer

  • 48 Hours

This project was our submission for the Rose Valley Game Jam 2020, which won the Excellence in Art Award. I functioned as the team leader, working with our designers, programmers, artists, and even a composer to work towards a unified vision. 

The Game itself is about protecting some simple minded robots from being permanently scrapped. As the big red mama robot, its your job to clear the way and any hazards guiding them to safety in an experience that was meant to emulate games like Lemmings and Pikmin.

Every asset seen in the game was created at the Jam, models, textures, scripts, and even the music!

Simple Mistakes

Game Director

Major Takeaways

With great power comes great responsibility -- taking the helm of this project was grueling, but I was glad to be the flagbearer for a team that worked as hard as ours. Our team was about 50% composed before the Jam, with people who were at the very least familiar with one another. The other 50% joined our team at the jam. 

There was one rabble-rouser who was deeply opinionated who continually slowed us down, so keeping the team on point was important. Luckily the rest of the team worked flawlessly, putting in the extra hours required to bring this home. 

Determination was my key take away, with enough of it you can do anything.

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