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  • Type Racer

  • Game Design, Programming

  • 3 Weeks Dev-Time

This was my earliest polished project. While not yet proficient at coding, I was capable enough to whip this final project in a way that I'm still proud of it. Taking on the role of a bard, you are motivated to repeat the 'Song of the Masses' and commit them to memory, telling you a tale of strange factory-like figures, that cane be changed for those cunning enough to figure it out.

Song of the Masses

Game Design

Major Takeaways

In all honesty the game isn't as fun as one would hope, nor is it particularly balanced. If I were to return to it now, I think I could create a much more fun and satisfactory system around the typing mechanic, rewarding the player instead for each word successfully typed rather than each phrase. Though when I finished this project, I stepped away from it with the confidence to take on harder challenges -- and I think its a good case for clean visuals hold up even if its gameplay is lackluster.

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