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Venture Valley

Venture Valley takes business-building games to new places with thrilling card play and an intense online multiplayer. Go head-to-head with your friends or find new competitors to play against online. Begin small and watch your business portfolio grow as you not only add new companies but upgrade current ones too. Once you get the hang of things, take your game online and play against the Valleys’ best, putting your newfound strategies and skills to the test.






Four Months


Game Design Intern

Venture Valley was my first Design Internship in the Game Industry, though my role in it was an admittedly odd one. Working for the Singleton Foundation as an intern, my brain was put to use primarily for R&D, QA, and ideation. Singleton had a unique mission in that they wanted to create a competitive educational game, and I did my best in my time there to define the pillars and expectations of what such a game would need. My time there definitely gave me some serious experience in communication and documentation skills.

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