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  • Puzzle Level

  • Level Design, Programming

  • 2 Weeks Dev-Time

This is a puzzle level built for Level Design II. We were given basic assets for portal-like puzzles, but I focussed a lot on creating my own unique mechanic. With some help from my teacher, I was able to put together a shader that would render and object translucent depending on its location -- but it would still cast a shadow when exposed to light. I used this to design some basic puzzles, and laced the entire experience with some goofy narrative and voice acting.

Wizard's Tower

Level Design

Major Takeaways

Level Design is all about selling an experience. While one part of that is playing referee and making sure that a player can digest the basic mechanics of the game -- another important component is the experience itself. Taking the player's assumptions and then turning them on their head is one way to do that, and something that was extremely successful in this level. Even though the quality of my voice acting is.... questionable, it still lent itself to the experience to great effect.

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